6 Weeks

August 25 - October 5

5 Countries

Spain, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy

5 FabLabs

Learn and Research

1 Final Event

Maker Faire Rome


The European Maker Camp is a mind-blowing experience on learning by making. A race against the clock to learn and fabricate in a diverse program based on technology, processes and tools in digital fabrication while travelling across Europe in an intensive six-week journey.

  • Design and make a marine vehicle

    As a group project, participants have to motorize and control a surf board. Test the different techniques available in a fab lab to fabricate from the waterproof enclosure to the movement system.
  • Complete and test a marine vehicle

    Complete and test the thing on the sea, with all the participants on board.
  • Building a persistence of vision bike wheel LED display

    Based on the persistence of vision effect, individually make a programmable LED strip for displaying images, animations and patterns on your bike wheel as you ride. Design your own image and transform it to polar coordinates. Test your design and device in the boardwalk and let’t see who gets more applause.
  • Leisure on the beach

    Make some cool stuff for the beach such as freesbees, paddle beach ball racquets, or whatever your imagination brings to your hands. Attach some cool electronics to become the most awesome person on the beach.
  • Fashion design and food hacking

    Personalize boring t-shirts with the aid of digital fabrication tools and techniques such as laser cutter and vinyl cutting. In the evening design and hack food workshop in FabCafe Sitges. Best Digital Cook and Fashionista awards ceremony. Optional striptease.
  • Barcelona, Monserrat and Port Aventura

    Spend the day visiting places like Barcelona, Montserrat or Port Aventura. Dinner together in a wonderful place with amazing views of Sitges, enjoying a meal while we recap what happened during the week, indications for next lab or Rome. Go clubbing in Sitges never-ending night surrounded with bars, and night clubs. Sleep, if you can.
  • Open your eyes

    Welcome at ProtoSpace, Fablab Utrecht. This day is all about discovering the Fab Lab and it’s machines. You will learn how to use the machines and materials available as well as the techniques to use them. Further there will be a presentation on the global network and the ways Fab Labs work together.
  • Interactive Components

    This day is all about how to make things move and react on the environment. You will get an Introduction to microcontrollers, sensors and actuators and you will make your first machine. During the day a pleasant break for lunch and 3D print (ab)usage.
  • Make your machine that make

    A day full of making. Design your machine that makes and do some quick tests on the various machines and the electronics.
  • Finalizing the machines

    Another day full of making. This is the day you will get your machines ready to use.
  • Use the machine

    Start with a visit to the 3D print Canal House in Amsterdam. After the visit use your new machine to create what you want to make…! At the end of the day relaxing drinks and diner for all!
  • Canal tour through Utrecht.

    Go around Utrecht beautiful canals and possibly visit the smallest FabLab in the world.
  • Mini-Project: Bike-Gadget

    We'll begin the week with a mini-project to get everyone started in the lab. Using common FabLab tools, we'll make a simple bikelights with tiny solar panels and LED’s
  • Think: Bike!

    We'll look at challenges around bikes, cycling and the city!
    - Look: pimp your ride for maximum style
    - Safety: enhance lighting and visibility
    - Ergonomics: make your ride more comfortable
    - Usability: quick fixes, practical improvements and custom solutions
    - Crazyness: silly, fun and entertaining modification and upgrades...

    Coming up with a good idea to improve our bike-lives isn’t going to be easy! We'll help to get you set up with lively discussions, the insight and feedback of experts and the experience of designers. Everyone will find a challenging project!
  • Product Development

    Turning a good idea into a great product needs a lot of thinking and testing!
    Industrial Designers, Mechanical and Electronics Engineers will help you with their experience and knowledge on how to develop your project .
  • Optimizing and Testing

    We’ll continue with the personal projects. Prototypes need to be tested, reviewed and adjustments need to be made.
  • Finish and Documentation

    The final touch on your Project, shoot good pictures and turn everything into a nice documentation!
  • Explore the Alps

    We’ll travel - maybe with our improved bikes - to the nearby mountain wilderness and spend the day hiking (or biking)...
  • Crafting soft circuits

    During this day the participants will be introduced to the world of soft circuits, how conductive thread works, how to make circuits sewing instead of soldering. Several example circuits will be shown, and each of you will work on a basic soft circuit by hand and using a embroidery machine.
  • Sensing with textiles

    We'll introduce a different approach to electronics focused on recreating sensors and actuators almost entirely using conductive thread and textiles. At the end of the class we will build one or more sensors and learn how to read it with an AVR micro controller.
  • Textile interaction

    We will focus on adding interaction to existing wearable goods, for example bags, hats, gloves or jackets. Each participant will work on a wearable piece with the goal of gathering an input from the user and providing some feedback. Example projects will be shown to demonstrate such approach, for example and emotional hat sensing the person stress and providing visual feedback about it. You will choose a project to work on and complete by the end of the week.
  • Wearable design

    Get up to speed with techniques, requirements and style for creating attractive wearable technology pieces. The participants, guided by a fashion designer, will work on making their project fashionable, and integrate it as well with the circuits and sensors developed in the previous classes.
  • Wearable and connected

    This final day will teach ways to make a wearable project interact with the Internet, smartphones and installations. Practical examples will be shown to demonstrate the different approaches, for example posting one's heartbeat rate on twitter or controlling a projected visual sketch with body movement. Finally add some kind of networked behaviour to projects and work on completing it.
  • Tuscany cities

    You will be able to visit one among several beautiful nearby cities in Tuscany, full of interesting destinations such as museums, medieval locations and suggestive landscapes.
  • Welcome in Rome

    We’ll all meet up for breakfast, and discuss what we’ll do for the Maker Faire.. Something big and challenging that will demand all your new found knowledge and skills! After breakfast we’ll visit some stunning parts of Rome, and the evening is reserved for a dinner with all!
  • Free day

    You’ll have the day off to visit the wonderful city of Rome and it’s surroundings. With the whole group, or in smaller groups, it’s up to all of you.
  • Free day / Maker Faire preparations

    Another day to visit Rome and rest, in the evening we’ll start preparing for the Maker Faire and our project!
  • Maker Faire!

    Makers unite! Hailing from the USA the Maker Faire’s are taking over the world! We’ll work together on a project that will demand all your new skills and creativity, in our own designated area of the Maker Faire.
  • Maker Faire!

    We’ll continue our project, but you’ll have enough time to visit the rest of the Maker Faire… want to learn more about making? Or cook Italian food? Stroll around and drink in the multitude that is Making!
  • The Big Finale / What’s next?

    All good things come to an end. Or do they? We’ll recap everything that happened during the 6 weeks, and look at what’s next. What will you do with your new found skills? Perhaps you’ve met someone to start a company with? Or you’ve got new ideas for your own? We’ll share one last meal and many memories..


From Bits To Atoms, From Zurich to Rome

Learn how to use a collection of digitally controlled machines such as 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters and CNC mills to make almost anything you want.

In the 6 weeks you’ll travel Europe trained instructors will show you the ropes on electronics, diverse construction techniques and computer aided design, and you’ll learn how to make smart clothing, skateboards, build a 3D printer, improve your bike, control motors and sensors and much more! Maybe you are studying engineering, design or architecture or perhaps you have your own company and would like to learn more about digital fabrication and electronics? Or maybe you just want to discover Europe in a different way… Then the European Maker Camp is for you!


Discover Europe and connect to local people.

An amazing summer in amazing places

You always dreamed to visit Europe, but don't want the average tourist experience?

With the European Maker Camp you can spend your summer vacation traveling in beautiful small cities, living and making stuff with local people, and improving your maker skills with some talented instructors.

Visit Europe and have lots of fun working on crazy projects!

  • Grenoble
  • Grenoble2
  • Pisa
  • Sitges
  • Sitges2
  • Sitges3
  • Utrecht
  • Utrecht2
  • Zurich

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Discover how makers across Europe innovate and research

Beach Lab Sitges

Beach Lab Sitges

On the beach Fab Lab

FabLab La Casemate Grenoble

FabLab La Casemate Grenoble

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Extreme 3D printing

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Wearable Tech in Tuscany

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All you need to know about your European Maker Camp.

  • How will I travel ?

    Participants should arrange travel from their countries of origin to the designated starting fab lab at their own expense. They should arrive on the 24th of August. Once in the lab, the organization will take care of all travel arrangements and cost from labs to labs and from labs to MakerFaire Rome. Trips between labs are provided by airplane. At the end of the experience participants should arrange travel back to their homes or continue traveling at their own expense.
  • Where will I sleep ?

    European Maker Camp will provide you accommodation in at least a 2 star hotel. It is possible you will share lodging (but not beds, unless you choose to) with other participants. Should you require special accommodation or prefer to arrange at your own, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • What is included ?

    The European Maker Camp provides transport from city to city, lodging at each location, breakfasts and lunches every day, and one special dinner per week. you’ll receive detailed information about your schedule, addresses and contact information. In each lab you’ll have access to the machines and some materials, and you’ll be guided by skilled trainers. You will have the options of purchasing more material if you wish, and we offer paid shipping of all that you’ll make to your home or address of choosing.
  • What will I do ?

    Participants will be able to:
    Work on several amazing maker projects with trained instructors
    Spend a whole week in five small Fab Labs in different european countries
    Travel across Europe, discover new cultures and learn useful skills

  • What will I learn ?

    The European Maker Camp is a program based on learning by making. You will learn a bit of electronics, programming, 3d modeling, computer controlled cutting, sewing, hiking, climbing, history, science and some more.
  • Am I skilled enough ?

    The program could be considered as an introductory course to the more advanced Fab Academy. There is no special skills needed, but all participants should be at ease with the use of computers, and some skills in programming, 2D or 3D design are welcome, but by no means mandatory.

Need more info? Drop us a line! Email: info [at] europeanmakercamp.org


Your maker holiday in Europe, everything included.

  • Tuition fees
  • Accomodation
  • Travel expenses (*)
  • Breakfast & lunch
  • Special dinners


6000 €
  • Tuition fees
  • Accomodation
  • Travel expenses
  • Breakfast & lunch
  • Special dinners

Early Bird

5800 €
  • Tuition fees
  • Accomodation
  • Travel expenses
  • Breakfast & lunch
  • Special dinners
  • before July 15th

(*) Travel expenses included from lab to lab and from labs to MakerFaire Rome.

Registrations closed

Didn't make it for this year? Or are you waiting for the Asian Maker Camp? If you want to receive updates about the European Maker Camp and more you can subscribe to our low volume newsletter.